The new Sidekick e-mail app from Hubspot is about to save you a whole bunch of time. Ever get an e-mail from somebody and spend 10 minutes trying to remember who they are or find out some background info on them. With Sidekick, every e-mail is delivered with dynamic details about the sender, including contact… Read More »

Review sites have gained in popularity dramatically over the past several years. Sites like Yelp! and Angie’s List allow customers to track ratings of every imaginable kind of business, from diners and bars to plumbers and car dealerships. Depending on the particular platform, viewers can search various business based on a variety of criteria, be… Read More »

Wells Fargo Settlement Agent Communications News for Wells Fargo Settlement Agents September 24, 2014         Effective August 1, 2015, our industry will be required to provide a new Closing Disclosure to our customers, as required by the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule. Now that this date is less than a year away, we’re… Read More »

by Joseph Drum Title agents face challenges today on multiple fronts – an uncertain economy, new regulations and new technologies among them. But the “big picture” question agents must address, Patrick Stone, chief executive officer of the Williston Financial Group, believes, is how they will remain relevant in an industry that is changing rapidly and… Read More »

Batten down the hatches! A CoreLogic report estimates that 6.5 million homes on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts could be damaged by future hurricanes – representing $1.5 trillion in reconstruction costs. “This exposure could constitute significant risk for home owners and financial services companies, as many at-risk homes lack protection from insurance coverage,” the report… Read More »

The House of Representatives has approved the “Mortgage Choice Act” amending the Truth-in-Lending Act to exclude the fees paid to title insurance companies and other businesses affiliated with a lender from the definition of the points and fees subject to the three percent cap under the “Qualified Mortgage” rules. Loans on which points and fees… Read More »

WFG talks technology! Technology is the starting point for many conversations with WFG agents about how to streamline their operations and expand their business. And it has become the basis of a new Web site – “TECHTALK” ─ providing information about technologies and technology strategies for real estate professionals. Although aimed primarily at real estate… Read More »

You won’t find this in any description of “best practices” for protecting consumer information.   A resident of Plymouth, MA found piles of old documents dumped in a field near his home. They turned out to be files related to loan closings – thousands of them – handled by a law firm that represents mortgage lenders.… Read More »

Why didn’t the Obama administration push harder and earlier for broad-based reductions in mortgage debt levels during the financial crisis? Lawrence Summers, former director of the National Economic Council, and a primary architect of the Administration’s policies during that period, offers five reasons in a recent Financial Times essay. The top two: The potential for… Read More »