As we enter the summer home buying season, millions of American families will return to the real estate market in search of their next new home. Many will know exactly what they want to buy and will seek it out and make an offer. Others won’t be sure until they see it, but when they… Read More »

It seems that every morning professional real estate salespeople wake up to find yet another shiny marketing product that someone wants them to add to their arsenal of sales tools. Ever since consumers jumped onto the Internet, marketing technologists have been working on new ways to find them, corral them and direct them to their… Read More »

Claims awareness and prevention – not typically what comes to mind when the claims department comes knocking at your door! The nature of insurance, and in our case, title insurance, is that claims are a natural byproduct. Claims are made, sometimes defended or denied, and when necessary, paid. Too often those outside of the claims… Read More »

Finding your dream home feels wonderful, but it can also be somewhat frightening to think that it might slip through your fingers if you don’t get your financing arranged. Any sales contract you sign will specify when the loan is expected to close and the buyer must have financing in place by that date or… Read More »

WFG sponsored NS3 (National Settlement Services Summit) for the second consecutive year. As you know, NS3 is an annual event where title agents, underwriters, attorneys, mortgage lenders and technology solution providers from across the country come to listen to expert speakers and noted industry veterans to learn and to discuss important issues impacting our industry.… Read More »

In today’s highly competitive lending environment where noncompliance risk is meticulously mitigated by every lender, title companies that hope to keep their relationships strong with their lender partners need to do many things right. One of the most basic things they must get right has to do with their communication efforts. There is a lot… Read More »


It’s a fact – clutter happens. And when it gets to be unmanageable, clutter can be a significant source of stress for each member of the household. So it’s critical to try to maintain control over clutter before it takes control of your home. But, it’s even more important to know how to take back… Read More »