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At WFG, our agents are more than a distribution channel for our title policies; they are partners in our business and essential to it. That belief sits at the core of our business model, it determines the priorities we set, and it explains why we developed this website. Our goal is to provide the information resources and business tools you need to succeed.

What You Will Find Here

We’ve designed this to be a one-stop-shopping platform on which agents can obtain information quickly and execute business functions with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. You can: • Generate policy jackets and closing letters • Obtain state-specific underwriting manuals • Develop a compliance program • Locate vendors • Find industry news, regulatory alerts and business development advice • Ask questionsAnd much more. The navigation is easy, functions are user-friendly, the information is comprehensive and most important, the site is yours. Explore it. Explore it some more. Use it. And tell us how we can make it better.

Recent News

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This is the WFG National Title commercial real estate insider report, your weekly download on the market, featuring industry experts, thought leadership and what’s trending, to keep you informed and ahead of the market. This week’s download features Patrick Stone and his insight on WFG National Title’s rapidly expanding commercial… Read more »

Trusts: What are they and how do they affect my title?


By Tamara Brooks, Assistant Manager And Georgia Underwriting Counsel, WFG National Title Insurance Company A trust is defined as a relationship created at the direction of an individual, in which one or more persons hold the individual’s property subject to certain duties as set out in the trust document. There… Read more »

Easements – Burden or Benefit?


By, Stanley J. Czaja, Illinois & Indiana Underwriting Counsel, WFG National Title Insurance Company You are looking at purchasing a home, but when you view the house you notice that the only access to it is via a driveway crossing the neighbor’s property. How will the driveway impact your potential… Read more »

Why We Hate Powers of Attorney – Part Four of a Four Part Series


Alan B. Fields SVP – Director of Underwriting Services WFG National Title Insurance Company Do You Have a Duty to Accept a Power of Attorney? From time to time, you will find yourself being told “you must” accept this POA and some will even threaten lawsuits. Of course this is… Read more »