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WFG Agents Purchasing Program
Welcome to WFGAgent.com

At WFG, our agents are more than a distribution channel for our title policies; they are partners in our business and essential to it. That belief sits at the core of our business model, it determines the priorities we set, and it explains why we developed this website. Our goal is to provide the information resources and business tools you need to succeed.

What You Will Find Here

We’ve designed this to be a one-stop-shopping platform on which agents can obtain information quickly and execute business functions with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. You can:

    • Generate policy jackets and closing letters
    • Obtain state-specific underwriting manuals
    • Develop a compliance program
    • Locate vendors
    • Find industry news, regulatory alerts and business development advice
    • Ask questions

And much more. The navigation is easy, functions are user-friendly, the information is comprehensive and most important, the site is yours. Explore it. Explore it some more. Use it. And tell us how we can make it better.

Recent News

Why We Hate Powers of Attorney – Part I of IV Part Series


A Power of Attorney (“POA”) is simply a document in which an individual (the “Principal”) appoints someone else to act on his behalf. We call that person either an “Attorney-in-Fact” or an “Agent.” The POA can be a powerful tool to assist in managing the affairs of aging family members,… Read more »

TRID Update 7/7/2017


On Friday July 7, 2017 CFPB sent out notification that the updates to the TRID Rule were finalized. It’s effective date is October 1, 2018, and the issues addressed in the 560 page update include: 1. Changes to the total of payments calculations 2. Housing assistance lending clarification on transfer… Read more »

Too small for your own HR department, but too big to risk operating without one? WFG Blocks has you covered!


Title agents are used to running businesses that are lean and mean. If you’re an owner or an executive, chances are that you wear many hats. Especially as the cost to service your clients rises. Perhaps when you’re not seeking new business; visiting clients or checking in on your operation,… Read more »

Helping Borrowers Make Difficult Decisions


As we enter the summer home buying season, millions of American families will return to the real estate market in search of their next new home. Many will know exactly what they want to buy and will seek it out and make an offer. Others won’t be sure until they… Read more »