WFG is at it again! We’re finding more ways to help our agents. This time, we’re targeting the Agent Management System (AMS) – the platform you use to generate Closing Protection Letters and Policy Jackets.

The current system works just fine, but “just fine” isn’t good enough. We want it to work better – much better –for you. So we’ve created a new AMS that will process your requests faster, more efficiently and more accurately.

In the current AMS, generating the CPL and the Policy Jacket are two separate actions. You order the CPL and then have to start over, entering essentially the same information again to obtain the Policy Jacket. In the new AMS, when you generate the CPL, the system creates a file containing all the information you’ll need when you return for the Policy Jacket. You don’t have to key in the same information twice, as you do in the current system, so you save time and reduce the risk of errors.

The new system also generates your documents more quickly and it allows you to move to the next file while the previous one is being processed for you. Because there is a single file and reference for the CPLs and eJackets related to each transaction, you can access the latest files more easily, without scrolling through all of them.

Switching to the new system will be like trading in your 10-year-old car for a new one. Once you’ve tried the new AMS, you won’t want to “drive” the old one any more.

Helping our agents succeed and taking time and cost out of the real estate transaction are two of WFG’s top priorities. The new AMS accomplishes both.

You can find the new AMS at You can download job aids describing the new features and explaining how to use them here. (Just hover over the AMS2 box at the top of the page.) Your password for the existing platform will also work for the new one. And you can continue using the old AMS if you prefer. But give the new AMS a try. We think you’ll be as excited about it and as sold on it as we are.

Let us know what you think. If you have any questions or any problems logging on, contact Agency Support at or call 1-877-840-0841 for help.