Presented by Susan McKnight, Vice President and New Mexico State Counsel

Title insurance has evolved in significant ways since its inception. However, one feature that has always been at the heart of just about every title insurance policy is the assurance that the insured has access to the property. It really couldn’t be otherwise: in order to exercise rights of ownership with respect to land, one would need to be able to enter on to it. But what does “access” really mean? Does one have access if the only way to get to the property is through a path so narrow as to preclude passage by motor vehicle? Does one have access if the only means of entry requires passage across the land of an adjacent owner who has not, heretofore, voiced objection to such passage? On October 18, 2017, Susan McKnight will present “Access” and explain what it all really means from a title insurance perspective . . . another Basically Title webinar you won’t want to miss.

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