Basically Title is designed to familiarize us with basic title underwriting concepts and legal principles so that we may be better able to succeed and grow as title professionals. The WFG underwriting staff presenting the topics are top tier and rich in terms of talent, experience and commitment to getting it right. They practice their craft every day and it is quite possible that the person who presented a Basically Title webinar yesterday will be the same person who responds to your title underwriting inquiry tomorrow.

The webinars are introductory in nature and the program has been developed to serve as a learning platform for those who may be new to title insurance underwriting. It has also been devised as a resource for those who have underwriting experience, but may be looking for additional training in a particular subject area. The formula is simple: Basically Title convenes once a month and is presented as a live on-line webinar. Each presentation is devoted to a single title underwriting topic. You may register for a webinar by clicking on the links below, or view a previously recorded topic at WFG Agent,