Matterport allows viewers the ability to tour a property in an immersive 3-D environment… which can be really helpful during the home search process in deciding if they want to actually tour the home in “real life”.

As the title suggests, Matterport is the equivalent of Google’s Street View but for the interior of a house, office building or any other interior space. It’s a great way for consumers to get a better idea of the layout or “flow” of a home too, vs what a traditional photo or video tour provides.


Image via Matterport Blog

The hardware behind the software is a 3-D camera system (roughly $4,500), which rotates 360 degrees on a tripod, and managed through an iPad app. It’s a pretty slick setup. While the price point of the camera system may stop most individual Realtors from taking advantage of this new technology platform, it’s not stopping brokerages from purchasing and implementing it into their listing marketing campaigns for their agents.

Redfin has started offering 3D tours on all company listings in the Seattle area with other areas coming soon.

Redfin 3D

Here’s a live listing with an example of the Matterport viewer and their call to action (as seen above) to get more listings. Once again, a great job on implementation by the folks at Redfin.

One small caveat: At the time of writing this article, Matterport tours are not yet mobile/tablet compatible; they must be viewed on a desktop computer. So, if you’re on a mobile device… here’s an example video showing the finished product:

[vimeo 101954520 w=640 h=360]

With the tools and technologies popping up lately, we’re beginning to see some really amazing presentations of listings across the country. Technology driving innovation and change in the industry? Who would have thought? ;)

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The post Matterport 3D: It’s like Google street view for INSIDE your listings appeared first on WFG National Title Insurance Company.