These Start-ups Are Changing the Real Estate Game

One of the best things about working in real estate is that the game is constantly updating. Almost daily, some new tech tool or app appears that, when properly utilized, can make the life of an agent easier. Inman recently put together a list of 12 startups whose intention is to do just that. Here are a few of the highlights.


  • The Matterport 3D Camera represents a huge leap forward in the world of virtual tours. This rather spendy ($4500) camera creates 3-D photographic renderings of homes, including renderings of floor plans.
  • The TrackR Bravo is a coin-sized GPS device that can be tracked from an app on your phone. Stick them to your keys, phone, MLS e-key, or anything else you lose track of a lot.
  • Lenda is an app that lets consumers apply for and process home loans right from their iPads. It saves time, stress and money.


For more new apps and trinkets, check out the list over at Inman.

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