As an independent title agent, you have a lot on your plate these days, and there’s no sign it will slow down any time soon. Are you finding Realtor and lender prospects difficult to reach…and even harder to pitch? Do you have less and less time to wear your “other hat” as de facto HR director? Are you compliant with every applicable federal, state and even municipal requirement? Do you know which apply to you? Are you also using the documents preferred by this lender and, more importantly, its investors? Did you see Freddie Mac’s latest guidance? Have you upgraded your cyber security to meet the latest request of your biggest client?

And that’s all on top of the traditional chaos that comes with closing a title order! It’s challenging. It takes time and resources. And it’s getting more expensive.

WFG National Title has been hearing more and more from its agents that they need help. Costs are rising; turn-time demands are shrinking and money for these resources, last you checked, still isn’t growing on trees.

We hear you. And here’s the answer.

Introducing WFG Blocks ( practical, easily-implemented resources (all in one place) designed to assist the harried title agent in a chaotic market. WFG Blocks consolidates the many agent services currently offered by WFG and adds new services you’ve been asking for. All of this can be found in one centralized program accessed via a single access portal.

WFG Blocks is yet another resource for WFG agents, designed to help them improve efficiency and effectiveness. Our role is to collaborate with you—not compete against you. Your success is our success, and Blocks is another way WFG can lend a hand.

Chances are, if you’re struggling to keep up, we’ve got a block you can use:

• Marketing & Sales Solutions
• Compliance Solutions
• Title & Settlement Solutions
• Information Security Solutions
• Expense Management Solutions
• HR Management Solutions

From services to technology; information to models, WFG Blocks is a ready-to-use program for title agents of all sizes, nationwide.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be diving into the solutions to better explain them. Until then, have a look at