Brian Bushlach explains the exclusive health insurance offering through WFG Blocks

Through its WFG Blocks program, WFG National Title Insurance Company provides cost-effective health insurance access for its independent title agents. The enhanced offering is offered in partnership with Youity, whose President and CEO, Brian Bushlach, explains the value of the benefits program in an interview[1]conducted as background for a recent white paper, “Creating a True Partnership Between Title Agencies and Underwriters.”

“We’ve rebuilt the health insurance platform, secured underwriting specifically for the title insurance industry, and now offer access to all independent WFG agents across the country,” Bushlach says.

To bring costs down and improve coverage, Bushlach said the program approaches it from a totally different angle.

“These aren’t major medical plans,” he explains. “We built them on a limited-benefit model and then just juiced up those benefits. We’ve provided a lot of things that people need and we stripped out a lot of stuff people don’t use. And, they’re only available through the Blocks program by partnering with WFG.”

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