With housing prices on the rebound across the country, buyers are spending as much as ever on their new homes, and they’re also spending record amounts on the closing costs for those transactions. Closing costs have risen by over 20% since 2010, up 6% from last year, to an average of about 1.25% of the… Read More »

“All roads point to Rome,” they say… Well in the world of real estate marketing, all roads should point to you. The whole purpose of blogging, social media, business cards, networking…of marketing, in general, is to get the word out to potential customers that YOU, and only you, offer the goods and services they need,… Read More »

Insights from Inman News‘ Real Estate Connect SF 2014: Hear what title insurers and settlement services providers are doing to streamline the closing process for homebuyers and sellers from Patrick Stone, President and CEO, Williston Financial Group and Matt Morris, CEO of Stewart Information Services Corp. The post Streamlining the closing process for buyers and… Read More »

Blogs are powerful tools for building, engaging and maintaining an audience and demonstrating your market expertise. A blog is much more than a place to share your latest listings. In fact, if that’s all you’re doing with your blog, you’re probably not making much of an impact or gaining much of a following. There are… Read More »