Greg Harrelson

Google Hangout from the Keeping It Real training series where Greg Harrelson, a top producing agent from  shares “How to Create a Top Producing Agent From Scratch” and how to build a solid real estate business & foundation.

  • You’ll learn exactly what Greg teaches his agents to do DAY ONE when they start.
  • Where to get phone numbers and what scripts to use to make calls.
  • How to build your database when you don’t know anyone in your market.
  • The proven plan to build your business from NOTHING to $200,000 GCI.
  • How to do all this without spending a DIME buying leads.

Here’s what was covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

3:00 – Introducing Greg Harrelson
7:20 – Why does someone get into real estate?
9:00 – Setting expectations up front for potential hires.
12:45 – What’s the first meeting like?
14:00 – Setting up the right mindset for your new hire.
16:07 – How does Greg find agents to recruit? Why do they come to him?
20:30 – What happens after the first meeting?
24:00 – How long does the training period last?
26:30 – What do you do if you want to be a top producer and are now script certified?
30:40 – Is there any marketing going on yet for the new agent?
34:45 – What do agents need to master to take it to the next level?
40:20 – Does Greg have scripts he can share?
41:10 – Why have your agents prospect?
45:25 – Where does a new agent start if they want to build a database?
46:00 – Audience questions.

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The post Create a Top Producing Agent From Scratch appeared first on WFG National Title Insurance Company.