By Justin Stutz, Vice President Strategic Growth, WEST, a Williston Financial Group Company You might think that social media and compliance can’t exist in the same world (or even the same sentence), however it doesn’t need to be that way. We can live in a world that leverages social media to build influence, create opportunities,… Read More »

Bruce Phillips, CISSP SVP & CISO WFG National Title Insurance Company For many in the Real Estate Settlement Services industry this is their worst nightmare: the moment you realize that you have acted on fraudulent wire instructions, and the funds are gone. Panic sets in. You are trying to find the guidelines you have on… Read More »

By: Bruce Phillips, CISSP SVP & Chief Information Security Officer Williston Financial Group, WFG National Title Insurance Company®, West a WFG Company Cyber Security and Wire Fraud, two terms that are becoming more familiar to people. In day to day operations most people do not think of Cyber Security, and Cyber Crime is that thing… Read More »

Written by:Bruce Phillips, CISSP SVP & Chief Information Security Officer, West a WFG Company Our industry is currently experiencing an increase in fraudulent schemes surrounding a sustained effort to alter wire instructions and divert funds. Criminal organizations are discovering the tremendous amount of funds being transacted in real estate. Awareness about these fraudster’s efforts is… Read More »

It seems that every morning professional real estate salespeople wake up to find yet another shiny marketing product that someone wants them to add to their arsenal of sales tools. Ever since consumers jumped onto the Internet, marketing technologists have been working on new ways to find them, corral them and direct them to their… Read More »

Feature Article written by Bruce Phillips – SVP, Chief Information Security Officer Protecting the personal financial information of the consumers we serve is a mandate that we are all called upon to fulfill. Doing so in a fully connected world where our firewalls and protocols are the only lines of defense against hackers driven to… Read More »

When it comes to cyber fraud, the threat is real…especially for title agents and settlement services firms. WFG’s own Tom Klein, BeesPath’s Todd Hougaard and LodeStar’s Jim Paolino team up to discuss real world examples of title agents who survived cyber attacks. Hear about the evolving scams and threats lurking out there right now. Learn… Read More »

Hewlett Packard security researchers reported that 44 percent of known breaches happened as a result of server misconfigurations and vulnerabilities discovered years ago. The report cites 33 percent of identified exploit samples from Microsoft Windows, 11 percent from Adobe Reader and Acrobat, 6 bugs in Oracle Java, and 2 flaws in Microsoft Office flaws. “Our… Read More »

Everybody has one. It’s rare we get to share it online in a way that truly shows what we’re all about though. Story wants to change that. From their website: “Your Story page is built around your content. Forget about fixed templates or clunky Content Management Systems. Story sites are based on dynamic Content Modules which… Read More »