UnsubscribeHow much junk mail to do you receive on a daily basis? Whether it’s paper or electronic, it’s a waste of resources and time.

Here are a couple of quick fixes to eliminate that unwanted mail.

For your physical mailbox, try Paper Karma. It’s a free app with three simple steps:

  1. Launch the app and take a photo of the sender’s address
  2. Click unsubscribe
  3. Paper Karma does the work of contacting the sender and unsubscribing you

Now that we’ve lightened the load on your physical mailbox, lets tackle your digital inbox.

If your email is jammed up with unwanted subscriptions, try Unroll.me.

You give them permission to scrub your emails and they send you a “Roll Up” email once a day at the time of your choice. Review the Roll Up, tell them which subscriptions to keep and which ones to un-enroll you from, and they handle the rest.

Happy unsubscribing!

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The post Say goodbye to junk mail appeared first on WFG National Title Insurance Company.