Sidekick App Makes E-mail Awesome Again

The new Sidekick e-mail app from Hubspot is about to save you a whole bunch of time. Ever get an e-mail from somebody and spend 10 minutes trying to remember who they are or find out some background info on them. With Sidekick, every e-mail is delivered with dynamic details about the sender, including contact info, social media links, and recent posts. You get company info, too, like the name, size and location, with links to more. This makes quick due diligence research nice and easy, so you can sound more informed and engaged when you write back. When you do write back, Sidekick lets you track opens and clicks, forwards and more, so you can get a much clearer picture of what happens to your outgoing messages. One of the coolest features, which isn’t quite ready for prime-time, is the e-mail scheduler. Now, you can tell your messages to show up whenever you want. So if you want to sleep in, you can schedule your messages to send out at 9am, to make it look like you started on-time!

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