StoryEverybody has one.

It’s rare we get to share it online in a way that truly shows what we’re all about though.

Story wants to change that.

From their website:

“Your Story page is built around your content. Forget about fixed templates or clunky Content Management Systems. Story sites are based on dynamic Content Modules which are automatically optimized for all possible device types. Add as many Content Modules as you like and watch your site grow and evolve.”

Story officially launched in Beta this morning, and upon first look I wasn’t sold. I originally thought “oh great, another online profile site”.  But upon further inspection, and with a little insight from one of the Founders, I saw the light. Here’s my Story (it’s still kind of a work in progress).

Compared to others that are just a single landing page with very limited content, Story allows users to build a personal website, with unlimited content, images, videos, client testimonials, a contact form, social integrations galore and various calls to action that can help you capture leads if that’s your goal. All this for the low price of $6 per month (after the free trial) is cheaper than most website and hosting options.

So, what are you waiting for? Go tell your story today.

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The post What’s your Story? appeared first on WFG National Title Insurance Company.