Title underwriters generated $3.4 billion in premiums in the third quarter of last year, a 1.4 percent increase over the $3 billion originated in the same quarter of 2012. ─ Source: National Mortgage News.

Q: Does the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulate title insurance agents? My understanding is, it does not, and, that being the case, I don’t understand how the agency can require agents to comply with data security and other requirements that apply to financial institutions the CFPB does regulate. A: You are correct – the CFPB… Read More »

Q: What is the required timing for providing the new Integrated Disclosures to consumers? A: Lenders have to provide the new “Loan Estimate” (combining the old Good Faith Estimate and initial Truth-in-Lending disclosures) within three business days after a borrower submits a loan application. The “Closing Disclosure” (combining the HUD-1 settlement statement and revised Truth-in-Lending… Read More »

Q: I’ve been hearing a lot about the need to encrypt e-mails in order to prevent the disclosure of sensitive, personal information they might contain. Are title agents required to encrypt their e-mails? If so, how do we go about that and exactly what information should we be concerned about protecting? A: Yes, title agents… Read More »

In that vein, Ragas’ report revealed rising prices for homes that have not been repaired since Katrina. The price of homes in fair and poor condition rose 40.6 percent to $45 per square foot in Orleans Parish last year. The price per square foot nearly doubled in the 70118 area of Uptown and was up… Read More »

Iqaluit is located next to a river. Given all that, it would be foolish not to consider the idea of a small hydroelectric generating station on the Sylvia Grinnell River to generate electrical power for Nunavut capital. It a project that, by itself, could reduce Nunavut electrical energy costs by one third. Generally, there are… Read More »

As a result, there is a major push by the social media giant to lure advertisers and brands into using its platform. Facebook announced a new ad product ‘TRP (target rating points) Buying’ which marketers can buy and measure Facebook video ads using target rating point (TRP) as the metric. The system works in partnership… Read More »