Is your head spinning yet? It probably should be. It’s not enough for title agents in today’s market to simply facilitate title insurance and execute closings. Lenders and their investors are holding their partners to higher standards—and requiring potential service providers to prove to them that they’re reliable and trustworthy. We’ve assembled a primer for… Read More »

A legislative committee in Colorado has approved a measure that would create a commission to help oversee the title insurance industry and strengthen consumer protections in that state. The gap between what sellers think their homes are worth and their appraised values is widening. American Banker reports that CFPB officials have acknowledged privately that the… Read More »

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has mandated a massive overhaul of the mortgage disclosure requirements designed in large part to help home buyers shop more effectively for mortgages. An even more serious problem may be that consumers don’t shop for mortgages at all. A CFPB analysis of borrowers who purchased homes in 2013 found that… Read More »

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB’s) new mortgage disclosure rules take effect August 1, but the American Land Title Association (ALTA) is hoping the agency will revise the new disclosure forms before then. According to ALTA, the integrated TILA-RESPA disclosure forms, which lenders and settlement agents will be required to use, do not accurately reflect… Read More »

Federal regulatory agencies regularly interpret their regulations through guidance, letters, and memoranda explaining how the rules will be applied. But just how much interpreting and re-interpreting of those rules are the agencies allowed to do? The U.S. Supreme Court is considering that question and its answer could have sweeping implications for the rule-making process –… Read More »

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is doing a booming business – in consumer complaints. The agency logged nearly 164,000 of them last year, nearly double the 90,000 processed the previous year. An analysis of that data reveals that the most vociferous mortgage-related complaints come from the wealthiest homebuyers. The CFPB’s investigations of mortgage related consumer… Read More »