Google Hangout from the Keeping It Real training series where Greg Harrelson, a top producing agent from  shares “How to Create a Top Producing Agent From Scratch” and how to build a solid real estate business & foundation. You’ll learn exactly what Greg teaches his agents to do DAY ONE when they start. Where to get… Read More »

“All roads point to Rome,” they say… Well in the world of real estate marketing, all roads should point to you. The whole purpose of blogging, social media, business cards, networking…of marketing, in general, is to get the word out to potential customers that YOU, and only you, offer the goods and services they need,… Read More »

Blogs are powerful tools for building, engaging and maintaining an audience and demonstrating your market expertise. A blog is much more than a place to share your latest listings. In fact, if that’s all you’re doing with your blog, you’re probably not making much of an impact or gaining much of a following. There are… Read More »