Vendor Scorecards

Over the years, we’ve all seen a great many management fads come and go. You may recall the One Minute Manager, Management by Wandering Around, Total Quality Management and Management by Objectives. All of these techniques had their strengths, but most had a common flaw: they were based in part or whole on subjective information.… Read More »

Is your head spinning yet? It probably should be. It’s not enough for title agents in today’s market to simply facilitate title insurance and execute closings. Lenders and their investors are holding their partners to higher standards—and requiring potential service providers to prove to them that they’re reliable and trustworthy. We’ve assembled a primer for… Read More »

Feature Article written by Bruce Phillips – SVP, Chief Information Security Officer Protecting the personal financial information of the consumers we serve is a mandate that we are all called upon to fulfill. Doing so in a fully connected world where our firewalls and protocols are the only lines of defense against hackers driven to… Read More »

Demand Attention

Setting yourself and your company apart in any business can be challenging, but in a highly regulated industry like Financial Services it can be doubly so. Title companies, in particular, are subject to a number of state and federal laws — most notably the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act — that limit certain activities that… Read More »