Realtor’s Property Resource, otherwise known as RPR, recently launched a mobile app for both iPhone/iPad and Android platforms which they’re appropriately calling “RPR Mobile”. From the blog post announcement: RPR Mobile™ combines the power of your smartphone with the strength of RPR, allowing you to easily search and locate any property around you, create and send… Read More »

Usually when I hear the word “bond” the first things that pop into my head are thoughts of fast cars, cool gadgets, international espionage and of course the Bond girls. So, when someone recommended I check out the “Bond” iPhone app, I must admit I got a little excited. Of course when I found out… Read More »

How much junk mail to do you receive on a daily basis? Whether it’s paper or electronic, it’s a waste of resources and time. Here are a couple of quick fixes to eliminate that unwanted mail. For your physical mailbox, try Paper Karma. It’s a free app with three simple steps: Launch the app and take… Read More »