In mid 2012, Apple made a fairly controversial move by dropping Google as their mapping provider in favor of their own mapping platform using data from Yelp!. In a Facebook status update I wrote: Yelp profiles – before they were good for SEO, user reviews, etc. But NOW, here’s an even more compelling reason to… Read More »

Realtor’s Property Resource, otherwise known as RPR, recently launched a mobile app for both iPhone/iPad and Android platforms which they’re appropriately calling “RPR Mobile”. From the blog post announcement: RPR Mobile™ combines the power of your smartphone with the strength of RPR, allowing you to easily search and locate any property around you, create and send… Read More »

Usually when I hear the word “bond” the first things that pop into my head are thoughts of fast cars, cool gadgets, international espionage and of course the Bond girls. So, when someone recommended I check out the “Bond” iPhone app, I must admit I got a little excited. Of course when I found out… Read More »

WFG is at it again! We’re finding more ways to help our agents. This time, we’re targeting the Agent Management System (AMS) – the platform you use to generate Closing Protection Letters and Policy Jackets. The current system works just fine, but “just fine” isn’t good enough. We want it to work better – much… Read More »

There’s little doubt that the economy has improved. Unemployment is down, and confidence is up, at least in general. But it can be tough to determine the extent of the perceived recovery. Depending on which news outlet you choose, reports can be wildly disparate, if not overtly contradictory. CNN recently published a report citing three… Read More »

Flagstar Bank of Maryland has been hit with a massive fine ($10M) and will be forced to pay $27.5M in restitution to almost 7000 of its borrowers, after being cited by the CFPB for a string of poor business practices that led to an estimated 2000 unnecessary foreclosures. According to CNN:   The agency cited… Read More »

At a bipartisan conference on housing, NAR President Steve Brown made a case for relaxing certain FHA policies that he says have impeded homeownership opportunities for many first-time buyers and others with less robust credit histories.   “Homeownership is not a Republican or Democratic talking point, it’s an aspiration that all Americans share,” said Brown.… Read More »

Lighthouse Title has agreed to pay $200,000 for RESPA violations, after a CFPB review. Lighthouse violated conditions of the RESPA laws by making agreements with real estate brokers to provide marketing services in exchange for referrals. RESPA, which has been enforced by the CFPB since it took over from HUD in 2011, specifically prohibits any… Read More »