As the Federal Reserve continues to weigh when (not if) to begin increasing interest rates, housing industry executives are wondering, and many are worrying), about the impact on the housing market. The fear is that higher mortgage rates will curb demand, especially at the lower end of the market. But some economists are predicting that… Read More »

The housing market continues to show signs of strength. Existing home sales rebounded strongly in May after an April swoon, increasing by 5.1 percent for the month and by more than 9 percent year-over year. Pending home sales, measured by a National Association of Realtors reached their highest level in 9 years – posting their… Read More »

Housing reports turned mainly (although not entirely) positive in February. Existing home sales rebounded to record a 1.2 percent gain following a steep January decline. The annual sales pace of 4.88 million units was 4.7 percent higher than the year-ago figure for the month, but below forecasts, and short of the annual totals for both… Read More »

Industry analysts have been arguing for some time that a dearth of available homes for sale was a major reason, if not the only one, for the less than robust housing recovery. But there are signs that this inventory log jam may be breaking up. Despite strong objections from financial industry trade groups, the Consumer… Read More »

Sales of new homes rebounded smartly in December after sinking in November) for the second consecutive month) to the lowest level since July of last year. December sales by contrast, came in at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 481,000 units – nearly 9 percent above the year-ago level and the highest level in the… Read More »

With spring arriving finally, if belatedly, it’s getting harder to blame an icy winter for sluggish home sales. New York Times columnist Neil Irwin has another, more disturbing explanation — the difference between demand (what people want) and effective demand (what they can afford.) According to Irwin, many of the consumers who want to be… Read More »