Will they or won’t they? The Federal Reserve has finally answered the question industry analysts and the financial markets have been asking for most of this year, opting to hold off for a while longer on the rate increase that most analysts have been expecting and that fed officials themselves seem anxious to approve. The… Read More »

As the Federal Reserve continues to weigh when (not if) to begin increasing interest rates, housing industry executives are wondering, and many are worrying), about the impact on the housing market. The fear is that higher mortgage rates will curb demand, especially at the lower end of the market. But some economists are predicting that… Read More »

When will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates? Economists, business executives and consumers have been asking that question with increasing intensity for the past two years. The July employment report may have brought the Fed closer to answering it. Employers added 215,000 jobs for the month, a little short of the consensus forecast, but still… Read More »

When interest rates begin to rise, as they will eventually, U.S. households are generally well-positioned to absorb the financial jolt. A study by Interest Rate Weekly concludes that the rate increase will have a “muted impact” on most households. A federal district court in New Hampshire has ruled that a lender can be vicariously liable… Read More »

The Federal Reserve continues to eye an increase in the Federal Funds Rate this year, but from a distance and with no apparent inclination to hasten that move. Speaking recently at the Providence (RI) Chamber of Commerce, Fed Chairman Janet Yellen restated her position that the agency will adjust rates when economic conditions make an… Read More »

Employers added 223,000 positions to their payrolls in April, falling a little short of the consensus, but beating many more pessimistic forecasts and rebounding strongly from the March Department of Labor report, which was revised downward from a dismal 126,000 to an even more dismal 85,000. The Federal Reserve, which has been inching closer to… Read More »

For anyone concerned that the Federal Reserve might move too quickly to boost interest rates, the disappointing March employment report was reassuring, if not welcome, news. Most analysts agreed that the significant slowdown in hiring (employers added only 126,000 new jobs) will give the Fed reason to regain the “patience” the Federal Open Market Committee… Read More »

Segment 1: Patrick Stone, President and CEO of Williston Financial Group (WFG) and WFG Title Insurance Company, and Brian Bushlach discuss real estate inventories, market predictions and consumer confidence. Listen Now! http://national.wfgnationaltitle.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/20140805-BRIEF2_A.mp3   Segment 2: Economic expert Patrick Stone speaks with Brian Bushlach about the Zillow – Trulia merger, consumer debt, and the world economy.… Read More »

Patrick Stone, President and CEO of Williston Financial Group (WFG) and WFG Title Insurance Company, and Brian Bushlach discuss employment, confidence levels, and the state of the housing market. Listen Now! http://wfgnationaltitle.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/BRIEF2_A_20140714.mp3   <!– #Title News Radio Interview with Patrick F. Stone: Brian Bushlach’s Business Briefing on FM News 101 KXL Portland and 770-AM KTTH… Read More »