Feature Article written by Bruce Phillips – SVP, Chief Information Security Officer Protecting the personal financial information of the consumers we serve is a mandate that we are all called upon to fulfill. Doing so in a fully connected world where our firewalls and protocols are the only lines of defense against hackers driven to… Read More »

Everybody has one. It’s rare we get to share it online in a way that truly shows what we’re all about though. Story wants to change that. From their website: “Your Story page is built around your content. Forget about fixed templates or clunky Content Management Systems. Story sites are based on dynamic Content Modules which… Read More »

Introducing innovation to the greeting card industry is no small task, but that’s exactly what the folks behind Fountain Greetings have set out to do. FG offers a process to “modernize the greeting and gifting industry and bring back the lost art of the handwritten-card.” The process is fairly simple. You choose from Fountain Greetings’ various… Read More »

Google Hangout from the Keeping It Real training series where Greg Harrelson, a top producing agent from  shares “How to Create a Top Producing Agent From Scratch” and how to build a solid real estate business & foundation. You’ll learn exactly what Greg teaches his agents to do DAY ONE when they start. Where to get… Read More »

In mid 2012, Apple made a fairly controversial move by dropping Google as their mapping provider in favor of their own mapping platform using data from Yelp!. In a Facebook status update I wrote: Yelp profiles – before they were good for SEO, user reviews, etc. But NOW, here’s an even more compelling reason to… Read More »

Realtor’s Property Resource, otherwise known as RPR, recently launched a mobile app for both iPhone/iPad and Android platforms which they’re appropriately calling “RPR Mobile”. From the blog post announcement: RPR Mobile™ combines the power of your smartphone with the strength of RPR, allowing you to easily search and locate any property around you, create and send… Read More »

Usually when I hear the word “bond” the first things that pop into my head are thoughts of fast cars, cool gadgets, international espionage and of course the Bond girls. So, when someone recommended I check out the “Bond” iPhone app, I must admit I got a little excited. Of course when I found out… Read More »

The new Sidekick e-mail app from Hubspot is about to save you a whole bunch of time. Ever get an e-mail from somebody and spend 10 minutes trying to remember who they are or find out some background info on them. With Sidekick, every e-mail is delivered with dynamic details about the sender, including contact… Read More »